This is a courtesy post to Tieto Norway. This post is not a paid advertising.

As many of you may be already aware of, retail is one of the hot spots for digitalization right now. Retailers are been continuously challenged by:

  • New forms of ordering (Digital Assistants and bots, like Amazon Alexa and Robin the bot)
  • New forms of selling online (recommendations fueled by AI)
  • New business models (machine learning powered on-line personal stylists like Stitch Fix)
  • New Distribution models with customers demanding quasi-immediate delivery

Tieto Norway is the leading Nordic Software and Services company and will be present at the National Retail Federations fair 2018 in New York.

Those without the opportunity of visiting this event will have the opportunity of learning its most important insights in Oslo 7.2.2018.

I will attend. See you there!


For the fourth consecutive year, Tieto head over to the world’s largest retail convention in New York to catch a glimpse of top trends in order to share these with you in a seminar. Retailers are in the midst of a transformative phase. A tipping point has been reached as e-commerce more or less dominates industry growth. At the same time, it is evident that the grocery sector, which represents nearly half of retail’s total revenue, is facing rapid and disruptive change. What about the persistent rumors that Amazon is readying to enter the Swedish market? If confirmed, this will no doubt change the long-term outlook.

The changes taking place in retail are highly relevant for other industries too as digitalization reshapes consumer trends and becomes the catalyst for new concepts and business models.

As we absorb the ideas and insights and channel them into knowledge just for you, Tieto’s seminar presentation awaits. Don’t miss our recap of Retail’s BIG show!


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