A new program for training angel investors and making them even more professional and efficient in their investment activities has been launched in the Nordics.

I recommend to take a look at this opportunity to make even more sound investments in promising start ups!

Nordic Angel Program Launched in Norway an International Accelerator to Train Startup Investors by Business Angel Norway
The program goal is to educate over 400 business angels in the Nordic & Baltic region and invest in total over 4 million euros in cooperation with the leading startup events in the Nordic & Baltic region.
Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is a new cross-border training and investing program for anyone interested in startup investing. The goal is to share angel investments’ best practices, inspire cross-border investing and offer a unique opportunity to screen and invest in the most promising early-stage startups in the Nordic & Baltic area. NAP culminates with a syndicated investment made in cooperation with experienced business angels.
NAP runs parallel in four different countries by a consortium of angel networks from Denmark (DanBAN), Estonia (EstBAN), Finland (FiBAN) and Norway (BANNorway). Each three-month program offers a practical training covering legal and startup evaluation related questions, as well as other technical aspects regarding the field. NAP is coordinated by Nordic Business Angel Network NordicBAN, linking over 1700 visible business angels in the Nordic & Baltic region.
The startup deal flow will be managed by using Startup Includer’s investment platform. The deal flow evaluated will be linked by the leading startup events in the Nordic and Baltic area (Arctic15, TechBBQ, Latitude59) and finalized on stage with investment (s) selected by the group. In addition to boosting business angel activity and funding available for startups, the goal is to develop a concept that can be replicated in any country. The two-year program is fueled by EU’s Horizon2020.

The programs in each country are now open and anyone interested in startup investing can apply to join at
Norway has the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the Nordics and the investors have also noticed the growth possibilities. The private angel ecosystem is driven by active local groups. There are also initiatives to gather the national activity of angels and we expect the Norwegian angel investment ecosystem take a very positive boost after the newly launched tax deduction for private startup investors.
Visible angel investments yearly: Ca 10 MEUR Visible Business Angels: 400
Visible angel deals: 80
“Angel Accelerator”
The program offers a safe way to expand his angel activity in the Nordic & Baltic region. It is a great opportunity for investors, however, starting business angels have the most to gain as currently they have less access to the best deals. Training your eye for detecting pearls and having access to the best deals takes months, even years of networking. Nordic Angel Program offers a speedway to the network, an acceleration to gain knowledge and direct access to the best deals.
The Program
The main goal of the program is to increase cross-border investment activity and size in the Nordic & Baltic area. Angel investing is typically very local, and a median angel group investment is approximately 200.000€. We need to increase the investments size to the level of more dynamic regions like Israel or London. Without larger investments, it is difficult for Nordic startups to make a global breakthrough.
The program includes investment trainings and study trips together with experienced angels. The group investment and due diligence is done by using a common investment platform Startup Includer. The three months program consists of four parts:
1. Building the investment group,
2. Training sessions for participants,
3. Group evaluation of startup applications from a startup conference, 4. Culmination with a group investment and follow-up.
Key Program Numbers
4 (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Norway)
In total 16 programs (2 per country, for 2 years)
In total 400 (ca 25 per program, ca 20% cross-border)
Attract 1000-1600 applications (in cooperation with startup events)
In total 4 million euros (ca 250.000€ per program)
With this largest Nordic and Baltic cooperation so far, BAN Norway and the other partners will now significantly increase cross-border investment in tech starups. The mission is to increase activity in both number and size over the first two years.

The new accelerator consists of a 3-month education and investment program, implemented in Norway, as noted by experienced business angels and experts. The program culminates in an investment opportunity of up to 250,000 euros in one or more of the best startups in the region.
Participate as an investor
The Nordic Angel Program is an offer for both the inexperienced potential investors and those who have already made the first experience as a co-investor. In the 3-month accelerator program, 20-25 investors gain access to practical teaching that covers both legal issues as well as best practice in evaluating startups and other technical aspects.
You can apply for a seat in the angel accelerator already now. All angels will invest each between 5,000-20,000 euros in a single investment pool of up to 250,000 euros.
Experienced investors and experts are at the forefront of the content of the program, and for scouting the tech startups that the participating investors will have the opportunity to invest in, at the end of the program.
Syndication across national borders rarely occurs but can be a major competitive advantage for the individual startup – and thus also for investors.
With a group of business angels that have an international network as well as access to experience and best practices, the chance is also increased to win on the global market.
Jørn Lein Mathisen
Managing Director
Business Angel Norway
Phone: +47 992 85 983
Ole Rødt
Program/Content Manager Norway NAP
Email: Phone: +47 959 47 838
Nordic Angel Program


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