Going professional: salvadorbaille.com opens own Facebook page

salvadorbaille.com opens own Facebook page in order to increase reach and relevance of its content

Dear reader,

First of all, many thanks to all of you that follow this blog either on a regular or a more occasional basis.

Since the launch of salvadorbaille.com, I have posted my blog articles on my personal site on Facebook and on LinkedIn. I haven’t been satisfied with it for a long time. It was time to do something about it.

I will continue using LinkedIn as usual.


When it comes to Facebook, from now on I will publish my blogposts and all other information, links and articles on the subjects of innovation, technology management and digital economy on my new professional FB site. The site will improve with time. Take a look and like and follow if you want (I hope you do). This is the first step in order to increase reach and quality of my communication with customers, prospects, partners and peers. Other actions will follow as we enter the last months of 2017.


Finally, I invite you to give me your feedback and suggestions on the new FB site and on this blog in general. This blog is indeed made for you.


Forfatter: Salvador Baille

Daglig leder ved Intelis, et rådgivingsfirma med fokus på Innovasjon og teknologiledelse.

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