Apps on wheels

The automobile industry is in pure shakeup. The products are changing. The very core competence and source of the competitive advantage of the auto majors, the internal combustion motor,  is being challenging too. Connected cars, autonomous cars, cars on hydrogen or batteries…

At he same time, the business models are changing too, with sharing car ride services like Uber threatening to make the personal ownership of a car a questionable thing.

However, it is refreshing to see how this 100 years old industry is reacting. The super majors are really trying to cover all bets, experimenting and partnering with new entrants. A smart thing to do in an unforeseeable future.

Enter the following article from CB insights. Good to see that not all giants are sleeping.

Forfatter: Salvador Baille

Daglig leder ved Intelis, et rådgivingsfirma med fokus på Innovasjon og teknologiledelse.

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