«Greedy banks are begging to be disrupted»

Christoffer Andvig, co-founder of Fintech Innovation, shares with us his thoughts about disrupting the global banking system from Norway. The keys? Blockchain, AI, mobil first and biometrics.

This month I have interviewed Christoffer Andvig. He is the co-founder and CEO of Fintech Innovation, a new breed of bank which takes advantage of digitalization in order to sink operational costs to a level traditional banks cannot compete on.

Throughout the interview Christoffer talks with us on:

  • What Fintech Innovation is and what inspired him to start a global challenger bank from Norway
  • How Fintech Innovation takes advantage of digitalization in order to disrupt traditional banks drowning in legacy infrastructure
  • Developing a profitable business model based on free basic services to the world population, while providing additional banking services at much lower prices than traditional financial institutions
  • The blockchain technology and why and how Fintech Innovation is using it to achieve competitive advantage
  • Some excellent advices for those who want to start their own business

As usual, I have published the interview on video and as a podcast.





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Forfatter: Salvador Baille

Daglig leder ved Intelis, et rådgivingsfirma med fokus på Innovasjon og teknologiledelse.

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