Back from MWC in Barcelona. While at this main industry event I have interviewed eight top decision makers on the stand of LINK Mobility. This are the highlights. You may want to watch the videos of the interviews too:

Nikolai Astrup, Norway’s Minister of Digital Affairs:

It is crucial that solutions based on radical innovation are taken account in procurement processes organized by public institutions. An example is infrastructure, like the deployment of 5G. – More info on the interview with the minister here.

Arild Hustad, CEO LINK Mobility:

Messaging and communication between brands and consumers must be cross-channels, valuable, and reach you when it is non-intrusive.

Javier Sirvent, Spanish technology guru, speaker and consultant:

For companies, top managers and employees continuous training and learning in digital technologies is essential for surviving

Marcus Nyman, Sales Director Oracle Marketing Cloud:

IoT will have a critical role in Marketing Automation. Devices will be able of communicating with manufacturers when a failure is inminent and take a proactive action on that. This will spare consumers lots of time trying to communicate with customer service and getting their problem fixed

Liz McCord, Principal Product Manager at Vodafone:

Innovation and being customer centric are the two must-win-battles that Vodafone is focusing on. RCS – Rich Communication Services- is the next step in messaging and mobile operators need to collaborate with each other.

Ove Fredheim, Chief Marketing Officer Telenor Norway:

Telecom operators must master the perfect storm- the combination of 5G, AI and IoT. They must understand how to collect data and process them. Privacy and security are crucial.

Jill Cooper, Global Marketing Director GSMA:

RCS will empower people to take back control of their time. Women in IT who want to reach top positions should be inquisitive, focus on people and remember to be kind.

Aygun Suleymanova, Senior Director Platform Product Marketing at Salesforce:

For Salesforce it is paramount to integrate its platform with RCS and voice activated digital assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

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